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          Did you get to see the lunar eclipse, get a peek peek of the blood moon. “Blood moon”, what a delightfully malicious name. Drips with connotations of the occult, the ancient, the creeping evil hidden in the shadows. Did you see it? Mostly likely not because this is a life small cruelties and mundane inconveniences. Would you like to bear witness to the machinations of our clockwork solar system? Then be sure to stick around till 3 in the morning? What, you’re willing to do that, well good luck getting a look at the celestial dance when you can’t even see the night sky. Have some clouds and a bit of snow while we’re at it. Get your blood moon now you filthy animal. That’s if you even live in the area of the Earth in view of the eclipse. Great job dirt people of Dirtrabia, way to live on a globe, you get nothing but the same stupid day on Earth.
          Go ahead just watch it online then. Sure it will feel like nothing inside, just another idiot photo on the internet. Draw a cat on it you stupid monkey, all the good that did you.  Some connection to the rest of humanity you got going there. Aztecs really built all those elaborate astrological sites to just have some guy sketch an eclipse for them later.  Speaking of connections, oh look the dummies at NASA can’t even keep a feed from a telescope going for one evening.  Spent all your money on Mars trucks you nerd farts?  Or maybe Earthmen are grade-A egg suckers and would rather spend money on those creepy robo-donkeys then let you see the moon ever again.
          Or maybe you did get to see it in person after all. You were patient and curious enough to seek it out, wanting to see the universe in motion? “Why is it a “blood moon”? Didn’t look too red to me. Was that it?”    

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It took me three years to see it
but five years to do anything about it.
I had planted in you a bitter root to grow
in small measures because I never had the courage
to hurt anyone hard and fast, but with those small cuts
that hurt more in the end.

It took me three years to see it,
what I had been doing this whole time.
I would never be the villain if I always played the victim.
I kept you close enough for my own comfort
and yet far enough to leave you in the cold.

It took five years to do anything about it.
That toxic vine I had grown in you
was a bud of the root inside me from the start.
I played the coward till the very end and waited
till you cut me loose and I just walked away.

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#13 There is a world you carry around you

      There is a world you carry around you. It is all your own. Everyone has one though, so it is okay.  We float around unknowable paths and now then our worlds will meet.  You cannot help it really. You may wish to float along on your own but you cannot see the paths so how would you know someone and their world is coming right at you till it is too late? You can’t that’s how, but this is okay too because it’s not all bad.  Many times you can just admire them from a distance like a duck or a Monet poster.  Sometimes you share parts of your world with someone else, and they send a little of theirs to you.  Now you world is a little different but this is still okay.

      Remember when I said that it is not all bad? That implied there was a little bad. There is a debate on if this is okay.  You may not want to see this new person and their world leave but remember you cannot know the path so you do not know they may have to leave you soon.  They have many things yet to do themselves. Perhaps you trade some here and they give a little there and you do not like what your world is now. This can happen, trading is not always fair, ask anyone who has owned baseball cards.  Please be aware you can always let go of the bad stuff and you will find lots of different people with interesting worlds out in the unknowable. 

      This is the one real warning now. We all float together on our unknowable paths and we cannot know them because as our worlds come together and we orbit towards one another we have an impact. We change our course with every encounter; this is the law of planetary bodies after all.  You will change someone’s path no matter how small the encounter so do what you can to make it easier for them if you can. Maybe wave as you pass by but understand if they do not return it, they might have just made a bad trade that day.

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      Spring is slowly bobbing it’s head out as we near the end of March. I’ve grown another year older, but I don’t seem to feel the importance anymore. These are the years that blur together when you no more time activated milestones to reach. These days its all apprehension for the future and getting through the days with a pretty consistent pattern. The crossroads I set out to tackle with the new year seems to drag on further. I’ve done a dozen little personal writings on here and frankly kick myself for swearing to go to the end of the year. I hear the words of Tony Soprano as he moaned to his therapist “Well, you can talk about every day bein’ a gift and uh, stoppin’ ta smell the roses, but regular life’s got a way pickin’ away at it.”
       I wish I was a more courageous person, or maybe more reckless in a way. Drop everything, just get out there and do what I feel, damn the consequences or the logistics. Ride the wave as it comes at me and leave The MIddle Way. I want to report the weird, document the new and record the groundbreaking things that the world has to offer, but I get too preoccupied with the what-ifs and the might needs.  Bring me the demon who pushes you forward pitchfork in tow to jump the abyss. Send forth the angel armed for war to lead me through the fire and inspire the best in me.  Winter is nearly gone and ironically Game of Thrones is almost here again so things are looking optimistic, just have to reignite the embers of the fire I lit under my ass way back when.

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#11 “We are made of star stuff”

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”     
      I’ve been real obnoxious with the Carl Sagan adoration since this weekend.  With the new version of “Cosmos” airing it was a good time to revisit a man I had seen little bits of throughout school and on-line.  I count as a hero anyone who expounds the virtues of perpetual curiosity and learning. Sagan was the face of science advocacy and along with his program “Cosmos” he took any opportunity to explain the importance of science to us as a species and the awe-inspiring beauty a greater understanding of the universe provided to us. These alone endear Dr. Sagan to me but it was his own theories and core beliefs that also resonated so deeply with me.

“Books break the shackles of time, proof that humans can work magic.” 
Sagan was very proud of the fact that he was just some kid on the streets of New York City whose journey into astrophysics began with a library card and book on space.  What had I been but someone who read textbooks and wandered the non-fiction section of my own local library?  Limiting your education to the classroom and the teacher is a habit everyone needs to be broken of. For some of us it comes easy to see, but we have to always let people know learning happens all the time when you are open to it. This was the fundamental goal of the good doctor. Anyone can learn is everyone is worthy of the knowledge collected through the ages.

“Understanding is a kind of ecstasy”
      Are you kidding me? I’ve said and written just about the same thing before I saw this exact quote because of Sagan and others like him. People who wanted to spread their enthusiasm for knowledge and curiosity to the masses. Science and expanding the knowledge of all the things around us is important to humanity in order to live with the world not just on it.  We are a part of nature and what we do on Earth has an effect for good or bad. There is also the pure thrill of understanding that Carl Sagan speaks of, its not just useful to us but it hits some spot in our brain to come to new realizations and put together the puzzle pieces of existence. No one was worse for not coming to scientific knowledge first, “…even if you’re the last person on Earth to see the light - you’ll never forget it.”

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#10 “Badgers don’t fight fair, bubba. That’s why God made dachshunds.”

      In my daily wander through the internet I found a reprint of a Hunter S. Thompson article. It was a reflection on Richard Nixon after his passing. I encourage everyone once again to read it,  It is by far one of my favorite pieces of writing and exemplifies everything that I found so admirable in Dr. Thompson in the first place. He sits there with Vonnegut and whoever put together the Onion’s Our Dumb Century as models for writing.
      The Nixon article of course takes me back to reading “Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ‘72”. I had to take the book in a few chunks because the idea of how politics really works just bugs me followed by just plain disinterest, but I think it was a necessary read to get the real meat of what HST is all about.  “…Las Vegas” was of course a very funny and excellent read with some important things to ponder in it as well but I think a lot of people get hung up on the drug spree and don’t see Thompson’s purpose in even writing about those events in Vegas. Getting weird with life and taking the pill less traveled is HST’s thing and that’s an important factor in his life, he digs that stuff. This is the twenty-first century guys, we all know Dr. Gonzos now, let’s move on to the other parts of the book.

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I did not fall asleep fast enough
so once again my mind turned in on itself.
I revisited past mistakes, made my way through still lingering doubts
and readied future vindicating confrontations I would never gather the courage to say out loud.

I wound through the maze of my own thoughts till there was just nowhere left to go
and when it seemed I had finally reached the end
there came the sudden sound of bellowing thunder rolling across the sky.

I sat up and watched the freezing rain fall,
not strong enough to cleanse completely
but enough to wash away some of the grey and blackened snow.
The city and I were joined together in that moment and for a short while we understood each other well.

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      I am far from a genius and by some accounts not even very smart, but I am a clever enough creature to get by on my own. True genius, meaning my own governing rule for genius, are the people who can see what isn’t there. They can coalesce what is already in front of them into something new, create from pure imagination something unique and bring it into the world. Them who saw the ship among the wood in the trees, who could fathom that the forces that keep us to the earth also put the universe in motion.  I can only see what others have already have, I blaze no trails in the wilderness but I can read the map a little keener than some.

     Far from genius, maybe not even so smart, but always eyes open for the new. I am capable of only so much comprehension but I possess boundless curiosity.  I will seek to learn until it becomes too much to really grasp and then just come back to try again. It is as it always has been, I am a perpetual inhabitant of the Middle Way. I do not rise so high but then it seems I do not really seek to either.  I would not trade the sudden rush of renewed curiosity for the crushing burden of full understanding. True you can get deeper into a story when you already know the plot but you also take out some of the fun. Discovery is my driving force, not a sense of superiority. 

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Attempting to try new stuff I landed on this topic, “In which I rant to Hollywood on what they should do with Transformers”. It was in the notebook I jot ideas down in and frankly most of the other options in there are kind of downers. I may be a little too invested in “True Detective” at the moment. So anyway here it is my pitch for what the Transformers movies should have been.

    This all started because I saw the ad for the new Transformers movie during the Super Bowl and it was pretty heavy on the Marky Mark Wahlberg  and his dumb family and only hints at promising robo-men making dub-step noises as guns came from their bodies.  That’s what I think is the main problem with all those movies in the first place. Too much humanity and not enough alien machine monsters.  No one comes to a movie featuring a race of sentient robots and wants to know how Shia is going to get out of this one again. We want the lasers and nonsense vehicle disguises.

    The fact is you don’t have to spend any money on banking someone like Wahlberg for your movie.  Put that back into graphics and just have a ton of extras running away from these two factions of monstrous metal beings fight over Earth. Let Michael Bay do the thing he does best and cut out the things he does poorly, real emotion and not racist jokes. This is my quick run-down of what my version of a live-action movie would be:

    No one can talk to the Transformers and they don’t even bother to learn a human language. Why bother? We are the inferior being and they can just take what they want. So a group of the “evil” Transformers comes to Earth because they are essentially space-Conquistadors, they are here to take anything of value from the planet. A second group arrives to oppose them because they keep going around destroying planets and giving their race a bad name. Humans can only try to assist the side they see as the ones not currently trying to kill all of us.  Awesome fights happen, humans devise a plan to help defeat the bad faction for good. Anyone who has watched Young Justice knows that once one group of aliens gets news of Earth its just trouble from there, sequels are a given. Now Hollywood give me money.

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Run little coyote
reach the trees
hide in the bushes under the shadow of leaves

Cry little coyote
with the wind to the stars
hear the howls of others deep in the dark

Sneak little coyote
among the houses of men
slink down the streets only seen now and then

Race little coyote
back to this land
Return the wild so exiled by man

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